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5+ hours

saved each week by moving to a single system. 10+ hours using automations.

Up to 4x

more process improvements recorded. estimated 50% reduction in time to market.


savings through consolidation to a single all-in-one system for data and quality.

Download the case study: VitroLabs

The digital backbone for the development & manufacture of the first lab-grown leather product

lab grown leather

Kind words from people who love Opvia

We're proud to be working with companies and individuals around the world who strive to reimagine what is possible and inspire innovation.

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Will Milligan
CEO at Extracellular
Setting up a lab today without a digital-first mentality is like starting a lab in the dark ages. We searched for a platform that ticked all of our boxes –flexibility, scalability and speed– Opvia was the only platform capable of meeting the needs of an ambitious start-up like Extracellular. We were up and running within a few short weeks, and we’re continuously supported by the team at Opvia to push the boundaries of what’s possible in biotech.
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Angela Boyd
Director of Bioprocess at Motif Foodworks
Opvia has been flexible and adaptable, meeting us where we are to build what we need now and for the future. Their dedicated team has found solutions for every request, which is enabling us to build a customized platform that meets our unique needs and work style. From sample tracking to process flow to data analytics, they are helping us build a platform that addresses our data needs holistically.
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Ingvar Helgason
CEO at VitroLabs
With Opvia, we’ve been able to rapidly develop a single scalable system that connects all of our teams, data and documentation. And, it's way more than just the no-code platform - the entire team has huge praise for the support we've received!
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Héloïse Coutelier, PhD
Head of Lab Operations at Gourmey
Opvia is the only platform that is flexible enough to adapt to our interdisciplinary company and can later on scale up with us to manufacturing. We can seamlessly track the full lifecycle of our innovations - from a single duck egg cell to the worlds first cultured foie gras product!
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Donell Johnson
Pilot Manufacturing Lead at VitroLabs
Opvia allows us to maintain quality across production through the development and deployment of our custom-built templates. We're able to compare bill of materials across batches, enabling us to track cost consistency and inventory consumption in our process.
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Sai Sankar
Research & Product Operations Lead at VitroLabs
Opvia has been instrumental in managing, tracking and maintaining our SOP workflow. As companies grow, there's an imminent need to build meticulous, future-proof systems that are scalable - Opvia precisely does that.
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Chloé Lopez
Research Engineer at Gourmey
Great platform for day to day lab life! Opvia allows me to link all the samples I am working with very efficiently and keep track of what is done in the lab with a few clicks. The databases are super user-friendly and truly helpful. The whole platform is flexible and can adapt to the needs of different teams.