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MiAlgae Selects Opvia as Its Trusted Partner for EBR, ELN, and QMS Solutions


MiAlgae Selects Opvia as Its Trusted Partner for EBR, ELN, and QMS Solutions

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Tali Kauffmann
Product Marketer at Opvia
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Edinburgh, Scotland - MiAlgae, a trailblazer in sustainable microalgae production for pet food and aquaculture feed, has chosen Opvia as its provider for Electronic Batch Records (EBR), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), and Quality Management System (QMS) solutions. This partnership is driven by MiAlgae's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, innovation and further bolstering its quality processes.

MiAlgae's innovative approach includes the production of omega-3-rich microalgae, offering a sustainable ingredient in petfood and aquaculture feed. Their zero-waste solution repurposes co-products from whisky production to cultivate microalgae while returning clean water, making a substantial contribution to global sustainability efforts.

Opvia's lab and manufacturing quality solutions, including EBR, ELN, and QMS, will empower MiAlgae to optimise production processes, enhance research and data management, and ensure stringent quality control.

Dr Scott Parker, Quality Systems Manager at MiAlgae commented ‘The Opvia platform is helping us to enhance our operational efficiency, enabling us to streamline processes. By optimising our workflows, we've gained valuable time to focus on the science and innovation that will propel us through the next phase of growth.”

Will Moss, CEO at Opvia,stated that “We are excited to be partnering with MiAlgae as their exclusive provider for a suite of lab, manufacturing, and quality control solutions. Opvia is eager to empower MiAlgae with our systems, enabling them to drive innovation and make a positive impact on our planet."

About MiAlgae:

Headquartered in Edinburgh, MiAlage recycles by-products from the local whisky industry to grow microalgae which is turned into NaturAlgae, a dry omega-3 powder with a high concentration of DHA and other oils. NaturAlgae is used to supplement aquafeed, petfood and livestock foods.

MiAlgae was founded in 2016 by Douglas Martin and is committed to its mission to reduce the reliance on wild-caught fish as a source of Omega-3 by harnessing the potential of microalgae as a sustainable and rich alternative source.

About Opvia:

Opvia is a leading provider of R&D, manufacturing, and quality control solutions, offering tailored systems to companies in regulated industries. Opvia empowers companies in the life sciences, chemicals, and manufacturing industries to digitise and optimise their laboratory operations, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and data integrity.

Committed to advancing the frontiers of research and development, Opvia continually tailor its solutions to meet the specific needs and workflows of its partners.

MiAlgae Selects Opvia as Its Trusted Partner for EBR, ELN, and QMS Solutions
MiAlgae Selects Opvia as Its Trusted Partner for EBR, ELN, and QMS Solutions