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Bioomix selects Opvia as its ELN Provider to Accelerate Biotech Innovations


Bioomix selects Opvia as its ELN Provider to Accelerate Biotech Innovations

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Tali Kauffmann
Product Marketer at Opvia
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Odense, Denmark – Bioomix, a Danish biotech company specialising in microbial bio-solutions, has chosen Opvia as its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and data management system provider. This strategic partnership will enable Bioomix to accelerate innovation as well as efficiently managing their data and processes.

Bioomix stands at the forefront of microbial solution development for agriculture and food sectors. Their pioneering technology facilitates the discovery of natural, beneficial microorganisms. These discoveries are transformed into high-quality fermented biostimulants for the agricultural sector.

Bioomix has selected Opvia as their preferred provider for ELN and data management solutions, recognizing the need for robust and efficient data handling in their cutting-edge research and development processes.

The partnership with Opvia is set to enhance Bioomix's operational efficiency significantly. Opvia's ELN system will provide a unified platform for meticulously capturing, organising, and analysing complex research data. This integration is crucial for Bioomix's unique process of characterising and testing microorganisms, ensuring precision and reliability in their product development.

“We are very pleased with the opportunities Opvia provides us in terms of daily efficiency in our processes”, expressed Mads Asbild, CCO at Bioomix.

Will Moss, CEO at Opvia, stated, “this another step in our ongoing efforts to support the biotechnology sector with advanced lab & data management solutions. Bioomix's work in developing microbial bio-solutions represents the kind of complex, innovative projects our ELN system is designed to facilitate. This partnership is a exciting opportunity for us to contribute to Bioomix's exceptional research in agriculture, food, and health, ensuring that their processes are as cutting-edge as their discoveries."

About Bioomix:

Bioomix is a bioindustrial company that develops microbial bio-solutions for farmers. We use a new proprietary technology to discover natural beneficial microorganisms. After characterisation and testing, we turn these microorganisms into fermented biostimulant products that contain live and pure microbial strains.

About Opvia:

Opvia is a leading provider of electronic lab notebook (ELN) and data management solutions, but offering solutions to companies in regulated industries all the way from lab R&D to manufacturing and quality control.

With a focus on traceability, user-friendliness, and customisability, Opvia's ELN system is designed to streamline and enhance the research process. Opvia's platform enables scientists and researchers to efficiently capture, organise, and analyse data, fostering collaboration and accelerating discovery. Committed to advancing the frontiers of research and development, Opvia continually tailor its solutions to meet the specific needs and workflows of its partners.

Bioomix selects Opvia as its ELN Provider to Accelerate Biotech Innovations
Bioomix selects Opvia as its ELN Provider to Accelerate Biotech Innovations