Opvia's Story

Take control – confidently build and validate connected solutions on the Opvia Cloud Platform

The future is agile and data-driven

What once had to be physical can now be digital. Vast quantities of data stream from every device, and thanks to the cloud we have the power to utilise it all. Companies that connect procedures to data can now reduce multi-month feedback loops to days. So then...

Why do 79% of teams still use paper or spreadsheets?

Our founder (William Moss) had the same question. So, he spent 2019 interviewing scientists, engineers, technicians, quality managers, CXOs at 300+ companies. From this he discovered two key issues:

  • ”It'd take time and effort to setup; it will only slow us down”: it takes many months to digitalize, and by then processes have already changed
  • "The [x] team are on a different system": the benefits are lost if each stage is isolated, and teams and data aren't connected in one system

Off-the-shelf is over – take control with Opvia

The Opvia platform empowers teams to build the exact solution they need, fast, and with confidence. It does so by providing with them four connected building blocks:

  • Capture data: Automate online data collection. Capture offline data in procedures.
  • Execute procedures: Run procedures. Track executions. Collaborate with confidence.
  • Automate data workflows: Automate manual steps. Integrate data. Build dashboards.
  • Ensure compliance: Version-control review and sign procedures. Automate training.

Where are we now, and what's next?

Opvia is the digital backbone of some of the fastest growing life-science companies in the world. And, as we’ve grown, so has our focus: we've now expanded our focus to work with trailblazers in other industries. This is just the beginning – our mission is to build the foundation that connects the entire product graph.

A special thanks goes to our partners – you can find some of their stories here. If you want to learn more about Opvia, you can get in touch with our team here.