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Data Historian

Opvia Data Historian: Capturing and Analyzing Operational Data
  • Data Capture and Storage: Opvia platform serves as a data historian, capturing and securely storing operational data from various sources over time.
  • Data Retention and Accessibility: It provides long-term retention of historical data, ensuring easy access to past operational information for analysis and decision-making.

Opvia platform offers the capability of a data historian, enabling organizations to capture and analyze operational data from diverse sources. With its data capture and storage functionality, Opvia securely retains historical data, allowing organizations to access and analyze past operational information for trend analysis, performance evaluation, and process optimization. This capability enhances data-driven decision-making and supports continuous improvement efforts for improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Data Historian Specification Sheet: Opvia Platform
Data Historian Specification Sheet: Opvia Platform
Data Historian Specification Sheet: Opvia Platform

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