🚂 Staff Product Engineer

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Location: London, UK

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 4+ years

Our stack: Typescript, React, Graphql, Node.js, PostgreSQL, GCP

About the Role

We’re a small team. That means you really matter.

We’re looking for someone who has the rare combination of:

i) A proven track record of leading and executing teams through highly technical challenges

ii) Strong product skills that have been honed by caring deeply about the user experience

If this is you please ! If you’re not sure - please apply anyway. We’d love to chat, and perhaps you might be a good fit for one of our other roles

What You’ll Need

  • Ability to take ownership of code/features and deliver
  • Willingness to travel occasionally - we have customers around the world: e.g. US, France, Germany, Netherlands
  • Great communication skills - we’re building something completely new
  • Humility - this is hard, and we gotta work together
  • Bonus points
    • familiarity with our tech stack: Node.js, Postgres, GraphQL, React.js
    • Experience or familiarity with what scientists do
    • Experience working with data for analytics