Sample Management

Manage the receipt, storage and shipment of your samples 

Use customised workflows to standardize procedures and data capture surrounding your samples

Maintain an full audit log of all sample related activity

Current state of affairs

Using disconnected spreadsheets for sample tracking is suboptimal for organisations on the cutting edge of research and technology.

Manual sample tracking leads to inaccurate and implicated reporting. As organisations scale and the number of samples being created increases, it becomes difficult to keep team members informed on project progress and sample whereabouts. Valuable time is lost with individuals spending time identifying the properties, location and status of their samples.

To solve these issues, Opvia has developed a no-code sample tracking solution, read more about it below.

Sample Management

The Opvia Sample Tracking Solution

Opvia enables teams to track every sample in their lab, end-to-end. Select from a library of Sample Tracking templates to get started, or build your own to capture the data relevant to your process.

Seamlessly connect your samples with their experimental results and any associated metadata so you have the full context of a samples promise.

Automate the movements and updates of samples by integrating with Barcode scanners, plate readers, or any other identifying tools. Ensure that changes to a sample never go amiss.

Sample Management


Discover how leading companies in your industry have developed their own in-house document and data management platform to connect teams and data. From R&D through to quality, process development and manufacturing.

Opvia is the only platform that is flexible enough to adapt to our interdisciplinary company and can later on scale up with us to manufacturing. We can seamlessly track the full lifecycle of our innovations - from a single duck egg cell to the worlds first cultured foie gras product!

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