Define the structure of your databases and the data within

Run structured queries and search through a master registry database to inform inference

Connect registries to their batch run or experimental context

Current state of affairs

Whether its attempting to connect raw materials to components and then a final product, or a biological entity to sample records, spreadsheets lack the relevant tools to link entities across different projects or groups. Relying on static spreadsheets as opposed to a database approach can lead to gaps developing can subsequently implicate reporting.

Failure to track life cycles and relationships between entities effectively can have massive consequences for meeting ISO or FDA certifications.

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Opvia's Database Registry Solution

Opvia's core infrastructure is built on relational no-code databases and documents. Utilising these features, you can easily turn static tables and spreadsheets into interconnected, traceable databases. The platform enable teams to search through the entire life cycle of any entity or component across different groups, projects and processes.

R‍apidly navigate or run structured queries to search through a master registry database. Easily visualise relationships between materials, equipment, or any entities to inform inference with Opvia’s relational databases.

Extract your structured data using the provided REST API and ensure all team members have access to the information they need.



Discover how leading companies in your industry have developed their own in-house document and data management platform to connect teams and data. From R&D through to quality, process development and manufacturing.

Opvia is the only platform that is flexible enough to adapt to our interdisciplinary company and can later on scale up with us to manufacturing. We can seamlessly track the full lifecycle of our innovations - from a single duck egg cell to the worlds first cultured foie gras product!

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