Electronic Batch Records

Flexible set up to fit any process

Submit batch and production data into traceable databases

Fully compliant to 21 CFR Parts 210-211

Current state of affairs

Many teams are still using paper based systems or static electronic documents to manage and record their Batch or Production runs.

Such systems make it incredibly difficult to connect batch records to equipment or material inventories and can often lead to mistakes in entries or illegibility.

On top of this, reviewing and validating these records can be cumbersome and drawn out, while connecting the records to their process data is extremely challenging. All of these contribute to delays to development and manufacturing processes.

Check out Opvia's electronic batch records solution below.

Electronic Batch Records

Opvia’s Electronic Batch and Production Record solution

Opvia’s flexible no-code EBR solution allows teams to set up batch records to fit any process design.

Define batch dates, equipment or materials used, connect data, samples, registries and have every personal sign off step recorded within the record with electronic signatures. Seamlessly connect these records to non-conformance quality events and ensure end-to-end traceability.

Have complete confidence in your record keeping and remove the documentation burden from quality, process development and manufacturing teams with Opvia’s EBR solution.

Electronic Batch Records


Discover how leading companies in your industry have developed their own in-house document and data management platform to connect teams and data. From R&D through to quality, process development and manufacturing.

Opvia is the only platform that is flexible enough to adapt to our interdisciplinary company and can later on scale up with us to manufacturing. We can seamlessly track the full lifecycle of our innovations - from a single duck egg cell to the worlds first cultured foie gras product!

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