Instrument Data Integration

Automate Data Processing

R&D teams are faced with several data management problems when working with various lab instruments. Significant time is lost in processing data and connecting it with the experimental context, before it it is ready to be analysed.

Opvia automates this process, bringing and processing data from various locations through equipment integrations, enabling teams to unify their data in a central location - to be visualised, analysed and shared between collaborative teams.

With all data stored in a single database, rather than disconnected spreadsheets, teams can go further with their data.

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Instrument Data Integration

Prebuilt scripts, content, templates and integrations relevant to this workflow. Looking for something else? - Request a demo and ask to speak to one of our solutions experts.

Import Script
New Brunswick ™ BioFlo® 610
Transform, import and integrate data from the New Brunswick ™ BioFlo® 610 with a single click.
image analysis script
Run image analysis script
Import Script
BioFlo® 320
Transform, import and integrate data from the BioFlo® 320 with a single click.
Software Integration
Microsoft Excel
Connect Opvia with your data from Microsoft Excel
Import Script
Stainless Steel Bioreactors
Transform, import and integrate data from the Stainless Steel Bioreactors with a single click.
Import Script
Varioskan LUX
Transform, import and integrate data from the Varioskan LUX with a single click.