Food and Beverage

Define processes, connect data and have complete control over your procedures

Swift new product development through efficient recipe management

Improve supply chain operational productivity with automation

Greater post-market data analytics and performance studies

Food and Beverage development

Consumer preferences for novel food & beverage alternatives are rapidly evolving. Companies are required to rapidly innovate and launch new products in order to meet the increasingly turbulent market demands and remain ahead of competition.

Such conditions mean that streamlining and connecting product development cycles to get to market quicker is more important than ever.

Opvia allows teams to easily manage formulas, recipes, batches and regulatory documentation in one centralised system. Seamless collaborate and track any work stream to deliver end-to-end traceability for your organisation in a compliant setting.

Food and Beverage development

Opvia is the only platform that is flexible enough to adapt to our interdisciplinary company and can later on scale up with us to manufacturing. We can seamlessly track the full lifecycle of our innovations - from a single duck egg cell to the worlds first cultured foie gras product!

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Workflows for Food and Beverage

Discover some of the workflows leading Food and Beverage companies have as part of their platform.
  • Automated Data Collection

    Connect your equipment to your process workflows and automate data processing

  • Electronic Batch Records

    Hold your processes accountable and ensure compliance. Track every step throughout your process with Opvia’s transparent and connected electronic batch record (EBR) solution.

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Ensure digital traceability and compliant data management across your entire product development processes

  • Registries

    Create Registries and databases of Information for any entity

  • Resource and Inventory Management

    Manage resources, materials and equipment across your entire development and manufacturing process

  • Sample Management

    Never lose track of a sample and its associated data again with Opvia’s Sample tracking solution

Quality Management for Food and Beverage

Discover the features leading Food and Beverage companies use to setup their custom in-house quality system
  • 1. Document Management

    Fed up of loose, uncontrolled documents across your organisation? Are people making changes to archived SOPs? Or Is your document change control process painfully manual?

  • 2. Training Management

    Difficulty in knowing whether employees are up to date with the latest protocols or procedures? Looking for one source of truth for all training activities?

  • 3. Corrective and Preventative Actions

    Continually guide improvements in the recording and management of quality events. Rapidly increase CAPA turnaround time and transparency by tracing and connecting issues to the processes where they occurred, all in one system.

  • 4. Risk Management

    Put compliance and business assurance at the heart of your process workflows, with our integrated, fully connected risk management system

  • 5. Audit Events

    Summarise all audit relevant activity and documentation in one centralised location to ensure audit events breeze by